A nonconforming teenager at the bottom of his high school class, Brian Peter Brinig rose from early depths of despair and learned to negotiate professional life as a CPA lawyer. Before attending Georgetown University Business School, he enlisted in the US Marine Corps and served a tour in Vietnam. After college and law school, he founded a major financial consulting firm that was recently sold to a publicly-traded corporation in a multi-million dollar transaction. He remains a managing director at CBIZ, the national firm that acquired his practice and he is currently an adjunct professor of law at the University of San Diego who has testified as an expert witness on economic issues in more than 100 jury trials across the United States. He is a nationally recognized speaker to professional organizations on technical subjects as well as the subjects of self-discipline and leadership. In addition to Mastering the Art of Expert Witness Testimony, He is the author of four other books to the financial and legal professions.